Natural Cancer Cure – Unambiguous Way Forward

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Natural Cancer Cure – Unambiguous Way Forward

natural cancer cureIt appears that the natural cancer cure is a most viable choice to pursue in next some years as cancer now is going to be number one killer in whole world by year 2012. Benefits of the approach is huge as it is totally non invasive as well as pleasant to undergo when compared to more traditional techniques of the treatment entailing use of the chemotherapy or radiotherapy that results in the awful side effects like tissue death, bone marrow damage, hardening of the veins as well as in extreme cases Liver or Kidney failure. It has been documented due to the side effects body loses the invaluable energy as well as vigor that will otherwise get used up to try & battle cancer from inside your body’s natural system.

 It is very hard to believe with all the advances in the technology we have now in the modern world, modern medicine has actually failed us very miserably while it comes about treating & curing the life threatening illnesses such as cancer.

Each year, millions of dollars are been poured in research for developing the cures by government, drug companies and private institutions with little in case, any results. Humans as species have actually conquered gravity as well as traveled to moon, and we cannot stop explosive growth of the deadly diseases on Earth.

This goes to show how flawed the modern medical systems are while it comes about making the new advances in the medicine. Every single day many people are given new lease on the life thanks to the natural cancer cure and not the modern medicine. In case, this makes you to wonder if we have gotten very smart for our good & must return to roots, then you are not all alone!

The modern medicine, backed by millions on research dollars will not give the cures for cancer, and natural or holistic medicines will. In case, you are very skeptical, that’s fine. Just do a bit of research on Internet about the natural cancer cure as well as you can fast realize how many normal, daily individuals are restored to the health using the holistic medicine after modern medical establishment that had given up on, told them that there was not any hope for cure and they must begin planning on how you can spend the last remaining days and weeks and months on Earth.

Liver Cancer Cure – Natural Treatments

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Liver Cancer Cure – Natural Treatments

Liver Cancer CureThere are reports that the natural liver cancer cure will be very effectively. These are used as the alternative and complementary measures to the conventional medical therapies. Conventionally, chemotherapy, drugs, or surgery are been used to treat the liver cancer. But, these solutions make a lot of side effects and will as well result in the potential risks to patients. The natural liver cancer cure will help to alleviate the symptoms and in a few cases, do a lot to help to reverse this situation. To rightly treat the liver cancer, liver first has to be repaired through the cleansing process.

In the most important books written about relationship between the diet & disease, researcher discovered cancer was common among people who consumed animal-based foods – particularly dairy and meat. Scientist discovered that accidentally, whereas working with the malnourished kids in Philippines.

He tried finding out why a lot of Filipino kids were been diagnosed with the liver cancer. And he noted the main goal of nutrition project that he worked was to ensure these kids were getting much of protein. (Protein source was mainly meat). Assumption was that animal-based protein should be good for kids.

What he actually found though was the opposite. It appeared that kids who consumed highest amounts of the animal based protein in the diets were ones likeliest getting the liver cancer cure. The researcher after that started collecting the reports from all over the world for seeing in case, there were any of the similarities.

This eventually led him to study nutrition as well as connection with the disease. In what became 20year study … result of the partnership between Oxford & Cornell universities as well as Chinese Academy of the Preventive Medicine … groundbreaking research evidenced over 8000 associations between disease and diet – particularly cancer.

Conclusion was individuals who had most “animal based” diets got most chronic diseases. However, those who had more of “plant-based” diets generally tend to avoid the chronic diseases. Whereas other factors are involved, most obvious denominator to lots of types of the cancer is food.

While people move to West from different parts of world where the cancer is very rare, and adapt Western eating habits, and they start acquiring cancer at a same rate as any other Westerners. It is used for treating various liver cancer cure, like those occurring in cervix, lungs, breasts, and liver.

Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment – Theory Behind Hyperthermia

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Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment – Theory Behind Hyperthermia

hyperthermia cancer treatmentHyperthermia generally works on a principle, which the cancerous tumor cells, due to the disorganized structure, are very less likely to withstand detrimental effects of the heat when compared to the healthy body cells. Thus, when the cancer cells are been exposed to heat, then they are been weakened or also killed.

Due to an effect heat has on cells, the hyperthermia is at times been used all alone for purpose of the directly killing cancer cells. But, more often this is been used in the conjunction with some other traditional treatments, for weakening of the tumor cells a well as making them little more susceptible to any other Hyperthermia cancer treatment to cure cancer in a right way.

For several years now, though the principles of the tumor heating were understood widely, technology to direct heat in the concentrated area also lagged behind this theory. In the modern day hyperthermia, which is controlling the heating placement is completely by using the fine sensors as well as directional applicators, which are standard in the hyperthermic medical treatment all over the world.

By using microwaves & computers with the devices, the cancerous tumors is been heated from 107°F to 114°F, breaking down tumor without even harming surrounding tissues. In the normal tissues, the blood vessels open up, while heat is been applied, dissipating heat as well as cooling down cell environment.

Not like the healthy cells, tumor is tightly packed group of the cells as well as circulation is limited as well as sluggish. With the heat applied to tumor, the vital nutrients & oxygen are been cut off from tumor cells. It results in the collapse of tumors vascular system & destruction of cells.

The Hyperthermia cancer treatment in conjunction with the low dose IMRT is a purpose planned to cure while tumors is been localized. The approach has curative intent, like opposed to the palliative treatment that is used in the conventional therapies such as radiation alone, the high toxic chemotherapy as well as the “point of no return”, whose purpose is just to prolong the patients’ lives.

High temperatures will destroy malignant tumor without even harming surrounding tissue. There is as well evidence that the hyperthermia increases patients’ immune system, and allowing patients’ system to fight with cancer and side effects of some other treatments. Hyperthermia cancer treatment as well increases effectiveness of the radiation or chemotherapy.