AGS Cancer – An Effective Therapy for Various Cancer Treatments

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AGS Cancer;  An Effective Therapy for Various Cancer Treatments

ags cancerEveryone knows that cancer is a life taking disease that could attack any body. However, there are various types of cancer such as: brain cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, stomach cancer and many more. It could be really a horrible experience if any of your near and dear one suffering from such disease. If you are looking to successfully come away from such disease, then AGS cancer therapy might be the right option for you. This is a proven therapy to treat various cancers. Brain cancer like serious cancer stage has also treated successfully with AGS cancer therapy.

For fight against cancer 6th consecutive year, over 50 known artists, presenters, actors, sports celebrities and journalists supported worthy cause at Olympia Bruno Coquatrix, to delight of many sick kids present in audience. As official sponsor, AGS group invited over 200customers and families to participate in the unique event. Funds raised from evening are used to implement the special projects to help the cancer patients and families.

What it is?

Aglycon Sapogenins are extraordinarily effectual anti-neoplastic (the cancer fighting) substances.

What it does?

Well known Panax ginseng has a lot of substances named ginsenosides that chemically are the glycosides. Every ginsenoside has sugar and non sugar component. Non-sugar component is named Aglycon Sapogenin or Dammarane Sapogenin. Also, there are a lot of different types of the Aglycon Sapogenins, however the type designated by letter “R” have a few remarkable properties.

When in body they are actually broken down in Protopanaxadiol and Protopanaxatriol and there is the metabolite named M1. That turns out these Aglycon Sapogenins are effectual anti-neoplastic (the cancer fighting) substance. PPD has apoptosis (the cell death) effects whereas PPT causes immune system for attacking cancer cells. (Product Careseng BFG has much of PPD and passes blood brain better).

Ginseng itself has got no property, most likely because the substances aren’t concentrated in Ginseng root. Ginseng is very costly but it takes 100pounds of the ginseng for getting 1gram (30th of ounce) of Algycon Ginsenoside. Glycon ginsenosides promote the tumor growth thus they should get removed. Among benefits of the Algycon Sapogenin are: Near zero toxicity

It is effective against the multiple drug resistant cancers which there is not any treatment. Mutants are also chosen being resistant to chemotherapy drug. AGS comprises of cancer cell death by the multiple pathways.