What Causes Cancer – Facts To Know

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What Causes Cancer – Facts To Know

cancer causesThere are a lot of known facts and great deal of the fiction about what causes cancer – and many people can know a bit of both, most of the families have actually experienced cancer near in hand thus it is not very surprising that the people have gathered the information along their way, picked up from the word of mouth, television as well as magazines, unluckily, not all the information passes over is totally accurate and myths, which circulate will result in the people believing wrongly about causes & control of this disease.

Well here I will give you real facts about the cancer so that you are sure and not listen to myths that are going over. This might cause people suffering unnecessary guilt & anxiety about if they caused their cancer and how the course of illness can run, for instance, it is supposed commonly that what causes cancer generally implies the lingering as well as painful death that is not at all true.

Knowing facts about the cancer:

Cancer is not just one but various diseases with many causes: for instance, chemicals in the tobacco smoke cause you lung cancer however these don’t cause breast cancer. The cancers are been caused by the substances called carcinogens: materials, which are commonly found in environment to which bodies are exposed, over period of time.

Two centuries before the man named Percival Potts have linked development of the cancer of scrotum to the chimney sweeps however it wasn’t till twentieth century scientists found the carcinogen in soot. Research by the scientists over years have also shown that some groups of the people are prone to different types of cancers than people, genetics as well as environmental issues play very important part in the disease pattern. Infections are documented to lead malignancy.

There are a few examples on what causes cancer:

Schistosomiasis; bladder and gallbladder
Helicobacter pylori; Gastric lymphoma
Human Herpes Virus; Kaposi’s sarcoma
Epstein Barr Virus;
Human Papilloma Virus; oral cancer, cervical cancer, as well as anal cancer
Chlamydia species; lung cancer, ocular lymphoma, as well as cervical cancer


Genes are blueprint to our body. There are around 20,500 protein encoding our genes (or exons) in human genome (the Human Genome Project) as well as many non-encoding sections. There are 2 to 3 meters DNA or cell, 2X1013 meters every human body. There are 2 major kinds of the cancer genes, oncogenes and tumor suppressor.

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