Liver Cancer Cure – Natural Treatments

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Liver Cancer Cure – Natural Treatments

Liver Cancer CureThere are reports that the natural liver cancer cure will be very effectively. These are used as the alternative and complementary measures to the conventional medical therapies. Conventionally, chemotherapy, drugs, or surgery are been used to treat the liver cancer. But, these solutions make a lot of side effects and will as well result in the potential risks to patients. The natural liver cancer cure will help to alleviate the symptoms and in a few cases, do a lot to help to reverse this situation. To rightly treat the liver cancer, liver first has to be repaired through the cleansing process.

In the most important books written about relationship between the diet & disease, researcher discovered cancer was common among people who consumed animal-based foods – particularly dairy and meat. Scientist discovered that accidentally, whereas working with the malnourished kids in Philippines.

He tried finding out why a lot of Filipino kids were been diagnosed with the liver cancer. And he noted the main goal of nutrition project that he worked was to ensure these kids were getting much of protein. (Protein source was mainly meat). Assumption was that animal-based protein should be good for kids.

What he actually found though was the opposite. It appeared that kids who consumed highest amounts of the animal based protein in the diets were ones likeliest getting the liver cancer cure. The researcher after that started collecting the reports from all over the world for seeing in case, there were any of the similarities.

This eventually led him to study nutrition as well as connection with the disease. In what became 20year study … result of the partnership between Oxford & Cornell universities as well as Chinese Academy of the Preventive Medicine … groundbreaking research evidenced over 8000 associations between disease and diet – particularly cancer.

Conclusion was individuals who had most “animal based” diets got most chronic diseases. However, those who had more of “plant-based” diets generally tend to avoid the chronic diseases. Whereas other factors are involved, most obvious denominator to lots of types of the cancer is food.

While people move to West from different parts of world where the cancer is very rare, and adapt Western eating habits, and they start acquiring cancer at a same rate as any other Westerners. It is used for treating various liver cancer cure, like those occurring in cervix, lungs, breasts, and liver.

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